HID Origo Security

Success is built on trust, and trust starts with transparency

HID Global is dedicated to ensuring secure access and storage for our Cloud Services


    Innovative solutions built by experienced teams responsible for the implementation of comprehensive information security governance and procedures


    Proven security through certifications and strict adherence to standards, frameworks and laws


    Consumer privacy is protected through proper handling of data collection and processing in accordance with legal requirements

Information Security

Information security is paramount at HID Global. To ensure we maintain our customers’ confidence, we have established a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) to exceed recognized security requirements and continue to be the world’s trusted source for identity security.

  • HID Origo Organizational Security
  • How We Build Secure Products

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      HID Global undergoes regular internal and external security audits on the organization as well as all the HID Origo platform components to ensure our solutions comply with industry security standards and best practices.

      • Standards and Certifications
      • Frameworks
      • Laws and Regulations

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Data Privacy

HID Global is committed to protecting our customers’ personal data. Personal data is limited to that which is absolutely necessary for our customers to use the HID Origo services and for HID to make improvements to the service.

For more information, please visit the HID Global Privacy Notice page and read our product specific privacy notices:


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